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当你申请希彭沙巴体育app下载的时候, you are taking the first step to joining a community of lifelong learners, where we inspire each student in all areas of their lives in a h而且s-on, 支持环境. 迈出第一步,今天就去申请!

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“The interpersonal relationships with faculty, 工作人员, 而且 peers gave you the assurance of not being ‘just a number.’ That was critical in discovering self-worth 而且 what you can offer to your community 而且 the world.”
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When you apply to Ship, we evaluate you as a whole, not your test scores. You may submit your application with or without an SAT/ACT score 而且 still be fully considered for admission 而且 scholarships. Some programs may allow students to speed up their acceptance by submitting test scores.Find complete information about Shippensburg’s test-optional application policy.


Find the Shippensburg application appropriate for you 而且 get started on this exciting journey.

申请船舶pensburg using our 本科申请 if you’re a high school student or are interested in one of our online degree completion programs in 文科(BS) or technical leadership 而且 administration (BS).

Get started on your 本科申请 to Shippensburg

You’ve probably wondered if you’re ready to apply to college, which classes you should take 而且 what timeline you should follow to prepare for college applications. 如果是这样, find our detailed college planning information for high schoolers 而且 explore our college readiness bridge program, the 学业成功计划(ASP).

你听说过 船开始? 船开始 helps you begin earning credits for college while still in high school, 为将来的学费省钱.

Select the 研究生申请 if you’re interested in earning a master’s degree or doctoral degree at Ship. This also applies to current 研究生 students interested in transferring to one of Shippensburg’s programs.

Get started on your 研究生申请 to Shippensburg.

应用 as a transfer student if you’d like to shift previous credit from a community college or four-year institution to Shippensburg to complete your under研究生 degree.

Get started on your transfer application to Shippensburg.

If you are or were in the armed services 而且 applying as an under研究生, 毕业生或转校生到船上, 花点时间 learn more about our world-class veteran support services. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate the process of fulfilling your academic goals. 谢谢你的服役.

After you check out the available services, you can start the 本科申请, 研究生申请 or 转学申请流程.

Have you previously attended or taken courses at 堡大学 而且 want to reapply? Whether you’re reapplying as an under研究生 or 研究生 student, learn about how we readmit students to Ship.

It’s possible to sign up for classes 而且 complete non-degree-seeking coursework at Ship.

作为非学位申请人申请 if you might take a class before applying to a program, want to learn about a particular topic from experts in the field or if one of our many academically rigorous courses 你感兴趣的.


If you’ve already submitted an under研究生, 研究生, transfer or international application to 堡大学, log in using your email 而且 password to see updates to the application status.

Learn More 关于 应用ing to 堡大学

With rolling deadlines 而且 test-optional policies, applying to 堡大学 is made simple. If you need any further assistance or have questions about how to apply to Shippensburg, explore all our essential admissions information.

Schedule a visit to campus to experience our Raider Day tours. 周一至周五, Raider Day involves the opportunity to meet with admissions 工作人员 to learn about financial aid 而且 how to apply.

准备好申请? 迈出这一步. Begin your 堡大学 application.


我们招生团队的每一位成员 is here to help you complete 而且 submit your 堡大学 application.

If you want to learn more about applying to Shippensburg, feel free to reach out to us by email or phone. Or, schedule a one-on-one virtual meeting with an admissions counselor. 我们迫不及待地想听到你的消息!