Office of Student Development

Lorie Davis, 教务主任
教师, 工作人员, 学生 and 政府 at 堡大学 pride themselves on having a campus community that fosters student learning, 公民教, and encourages personal development. An integral part of this community is the committed, student-centered people who comprise the Office of Student Development.


工作人员 members within the Office of Student Development plan and deliver comprehensive programs and services:

  • that 支持 the mission of the university and enhance the learning experience 为学生;
  • that foster the overall development of 学生; and
  • where social justice, community, character, and citizenship are the cornerstones.


  • 学生为中心: We strive to be welcoming, 公平, 尊重, service-oriented and ethical when interacting with 学生. It is also our obligation to be "in-touch" with the student culture at the university. Finally, we are committed to serving as both role models and advocates 为学生.
  • 社会公平: We strongly believe in the importance of the values and concepts associated with human understanding, social equity and multiculturalism.
  • 学习: We believe in the importance of the academic mission. We also believe that 学生 learn in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings. 为此目的, we strive to 支持 and collaborate with others in the delivery of programs and services that promote student learning. We also strongly believe in the concept of student development and all that it encompasses.
  • 合作: We recognize that we are part of a greater whole and not an entity unto ourselves. Our willingness to collaborate positively serves both external constituencies and the university community.
  • 事务: We strive to be actively engaged in the University community through both formal service and informal means, including attendance at campus events and general visibility on campus.
  • 创新: We are committed to continually improving our programs and services consistent with current trends and issues, 最佳实践, and evaluative feedback. We also recognize the importance of effectively utilizing technology where appropriate.
  • 团队: A commitment to a team-oriented work environment is essential. Relationships are characterized by trust, 尊重, 支持, 沟通, cooperation and friendliness.
  • 沙巴app: It is our belief that the concept of community, as defined by Ernest Boyer, represents an important theme and structure in all that we do. It is also a concept that gives meaning to our mission, values, and operation.


  • 以学生为中心: To offer programs and services that assist 学生, that are implemented in a 公平 and consistent manner, and that empower 学生 to be actively involved in decision-making and delivery processes.
  • 社会公平: To foster and promote an environment where 学生, 工作人员, and faculty engage in the celebration of diverse lifestyles, reflected daily through speech, 行为, attitude and active involvement in the community.
  • 学习: To offer programs and services, in partnership with 学生, student af公平s and academic af公平s that positively impact the learning experience, both inside and outside the classroom, 为学生.
  • 合作: To actively seek ways to exchange knowledge and resources with academic af公平s, 政府, 工作人员, 学生, parents and the greater community to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of programs and services.
  • 事务: To serve as role models for active engagement in and service to the University community.
  • 创新: To develop programs and services that meet the needs of 学生 and reflect current theories, 实践, trends and assessment techniques.
  • 团队: 培养一个有凝聚力的, evolving organization through collaboration, 咨询, open 沟通 and 支持 in an effort to promote meaningful experiences for our various community constituencies.
  • 沙巴app: To create shared learning experiences that help 学生 see beyond their own private interests, learn about the world around them, develop a sense of civic and social responsibility, 并发现他们是如何, 作为个人, can contribute to the larger society.